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42% of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck1
67% of all emergency room visits are injury related2
1 in 8 persons seek medical attention from an injury each year3
Illness and medical bills contribute to more than 62% of all bankruptcies4

Plans for Groups, Business, HR and Employer Benefits

Recent changes in Group Healthcare Coverage have resulted in new opportunities for Tennessee businesses.

Group Health

  • Minimum group size 2 (Employees or Owner plus Employee)
  • Maximum number on the plan 49 Employees (unlimited number of family members per employee)
  • Plan options include Copay, High Deductible, HSA (Health Savings Accounts, tax benefits and if you do not use the money, it rolls over for future use)

Voluntary Benefits

  • Benefits offered through the Employer.
  • Premium payroll deducted from Employees that sign up
  • Not paid for by the Employer.
  • Group Underwriting of benefits/guaranteed issue (for less healthy Employees)

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Buy / Sell Agreements

Orange Swipe

For Business Owners and to protect their family in the event of a Partner’s death

Golden Handcuffs

A way to keep a Key Employee so it is harder for your competition to hire them away

Keyperson Insurance

A policy that pays cash to the company if something happens to a Key Employee (Death or Illness)

Dental and Vision

This can be a Voluntary Benefit that is offered through the Employer or it can be an Individual policy that the Employee owns and can keep the rest of their life.