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42% of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck1
67% of all emergency room visits are injury related2
1 in 8 persons seek medical attention from an injury each year3
Illness and medical bills contribute to more than 62% of all bankruptcies4
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David A. Vudragovich

So David, why the insurance business you might ask?

My cousin at 7 was diagnosed with a brain tumor (back in the mid 1970’s). At 13 he passed. His mom (my aunt) and his dad were left broken and with piles of medical bills, bankrupt and divorced. I was 8 years old and I still cherish my few memories of Cousin Jeffy

My father in law developed cancer in 2010, just 6 months after I married my wife. He used his vacation and FMLA and if he had lived 3 more weeks, there would not have been life insurance to bury him with. He believed employer Life insurance was enough, it almost wasn’t. Not only was it traumatic to the whole family, it was a significant financial blow to us newlyweds who had just moved to East TN.

My Wife is an engineer and has worked with many radioactive things and we personally have 3 different Cancer policies that will pay us a cash benefit when she is diagnosed. Because of the type of work she has done and the work I do, we are prepared!

The American Cancer Society is here to help, but they can only do so much. With Cancer policies that pay a CASH BENEFIT, you can have money to pay the mortgage and keep food on the table. While your church, Second Harvest or others are willing to help, it is easier on my pride to know that I at least prepared for my family’s future!

I help people select Health Insurance (individual, group, Medicare plans) but that insurance pays the doctor. It does not cover copays or coinsurance. It does not help you buy groceries or pay the mortgage.

I believe in Preventing Cancer, I am involved with increasing awareness of alcohol and its relation to cancer.

I believe in helping people Surviving Cancer, having the right Health Insurance.

I believe in Affording Cancer. 62% of all bankruptcies are medically related. Out of that, nearly 78% had Health Insurance. (Statistics from a Harvard University report “Medical Bankruptcy in the United States, 2007” published in The American Journal of Medicine®) It is not the medical bills that cause the trauma, it is the being unable to work for 6 or 24 months while receiving treatment. Can you afford to not have a paycheck for the next 6 months? Cancer policies and Income Replacement Policies go a long way towards helping make this hard time a little less bad.

Whether it’s cancer or something else, helping families get the help and support they need is the reason I get up every day. Being “Ur” Local Agent isn’t my job, it’s my passion.

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